Advantages of Porcelain Tiles
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Thinking of having your front garden revitalised? Searching for a tough, long-lasting option for a hallway or entranceway? Our new Victorian tiles are the ideal solution for both indoor and outdoor use, with exceptional durability and style. Fired from clay, porcelain is a traditional material that outlasts most modern, synthetic alternatives and has a range of household usages. Whether you are looking for a new patio or a stylish front entrance, porcelain tiles are the smart choice for homes in Wandsworth.

BlueTeam Landscaping has been covering the South London area with new patios, new decking, artificial grass and other landscaping services since our establishment in 2012.

Based in Wandsworth, our knowledgeable landscapers are regional leaders in the application of porcelain tiles. Here are three key benefits of porcelain tiles:


Outstanding Durability

Perhaps porcelain’s most notable advantage is its hard-wearing nature and longevity. Double fired at 1200 degrees, porcelain is strong and can handle a high level of foot traffic for decades without breaking, cracking or fading.

An underappreciated material, porcelain is not only sustainable, as it is often made from recycled clay, but it outlasts nearly every other building material.

A lifetime investment, new Victorian tiles are the perfect combination of style, practicality, and environmental responsibility, and they are a wonderful addition to any Wandsworth home.

Low Maintenance

As porcelain has low porosity, it is resistant to stains and corrosion, so there is no need to panic if you spill food on your tiles. With a smooth, wipe-clean surface, you can be assured that your tiles will remain bright and vibrant with minimal maintenance.

Alongside our new Victorian tiles, our landscapers also provide a range of landscaping services, including:

  • New Patios

  • New Decking

  • Artificial Grass

A hygienic and practical surface, choose porcelain for a reliable installation that requires very little upkeep.

Remarkably Versatile

Although we primarily install new Victorian tiles in front gardens, they have a huge range of potential uses. Great for hallways, they are also suited to bathrooms, kitchens and any other rooms which require a wipe-down floor surface.

With many designs to choose from, porcelain tiles come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be arranged in attractive patterns by a skilled tradesperson.

A timeless material, keep porcelain in mind for any future renovation projects, as the longevity, versatility and low maintenance will reward you in the long run.

Based in Wandsworth, BlueTeam Landscaping is proud to install new Victorian tiles for homes across South London. Our landscapers also provide new patios, new decking and artificial grass.

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