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Benefits of Artificial Grass Installation

Based nearby in Wandsworth, BlueTeam Landscaping regularly serves customers in the Clapham area. Our expert landscapers specialise in various landscaping services, including:

  • Artificial Grass

  • New Decking

  • New Patios

  • Victorian Tiles

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Given our extensive industry experience as landscapers offering new decking, new patios, and new Victorian tiles, South London homeowners can count on BlueTeam Landscaping for expert advice. To give you a taste of this, we would like to share a few key benefits that come with installing artificial turf on your lawn.


Low Maintenance 

This is by far the biggest advantage in favour of going artificial instead of natural grass. There is no need for regular watering other than the occasional clean, no need to mow, no weeds, no pesticides or fertilisers and easy to clear away debris. Without much effort required, artificial grass is a great option for busy homeowners in Clapham.

Dog and Child-friendly

Because of the lack of chemicals you may find on natural grass lawns, an artificial lawn is entirely safe for children and pets. If you have a dog or children who love to play outside, you can feel at peace knowing that they won’t be affected by consuming any pesticides or other substances. In the case of dogs, some may enjoy tearing up your lawn, which can be pretty irritating for the homeowner who carefully maintains it. However, thanks to its design, your artificial lawn will be free from your dog digging up holes and bringing dirt back into your home.

Long-lasting and Visually Appealing

As professional landscapers, we always want our new decking, new patios, new Victorian tiles and other installations to last for a long time. After all, as the customer, we want to ensure that you get a great return on your investment. 

Thankfully for our artificial grass installations, your lawn will continue to look as luscious and green on day 1 as it will on day 999. Capable of withstanding all weather conditions, you will get that real lawn feel and look but without the upkeep that comes with it. You’re free to enjoy your artificial lawn for many years and make the most out of your Clapham property’s outdoor space.

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